Welcome to Our Community

Hello Everyone!

This is our introductory blog post on the MATOLO website and we are excited to start this journey with you to holistic skincare, health and wellness.

My name is Marge and I will be your friend and consultant through this ride. I will be speaking to you about those nagging skin issues and complaints. I will be sharing some simple secrets and I will be happy to receive your questions, suggestions and feedback. Your feedback will help us target our conversations and ensure we are providing content that suits your needs.

Please join the community so you can be notified of promotions, discounts , offers and new posts. You can also share your comments and tips and help others do better. Remember we are trying to learn to be better at taking care of ourselves…together!

I wish you a great day and here’s to achieving the best versions of ourselves possible!

With love 💚💚
Marge xxx

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